What TokeSmart Is

TokeSmart is an herbal dietary supplement, with natural ingredients that are proven to amplify the effects of marijuana. TokeSmart allows medical marijuana patients to use less of their medicine for the same, or even greater, benefit.

What TokeSmart Isn't

TokeSmart is NOT a substitute for marijuana.
TokeSmart is NOT made with illicit substances.
TokeSmart will NOT appear on a drug test.
TokeSmart will NOT mask the presence of illegal drugs in urine.
TokeSmart will NOT make you high on its own.

Should anyone avoid TokeSmart?

TokeSmart is perfectly safe for just about everyone! However, one of the active ingredients should not be consumed while pregnant or breast-feeding. Buuuut, you shouldn’t be smoking while preggers anyhow, just sayin’.

How Long Does TokeSmart Last?

Each TokeSmart bottle contains 60 vegicaps. The standard dose is 2 capsules every 12 hours for the average smoker. Those who smoke more heavily may need to use more to feel the same effects.

What Are The Ingredients?

TokeSmart is made with 100% natural herbal ingredients. You can find a breakdown of the Supplement Facts here. TokeSmart contains wild thyme leaves which get up to 40% of their mass from myrcene. Lemongrass, another ingredient, also has some myrcene but more importantly has plenty of the other terpenes previously described: linolool, terpineol, and limonene..

How Does TokeSmart Work?

It’s a common misconception that the only active ingredients in cannabis are THC and CBDs. The reality is that marijuana buds can carry up to 120 different chemicals, all of which affect your body a little differently; these chemicals are called terpenes. Some terpenes make you drowsy, others make you energetic; some inspire you, others make you paranoid. Indeed, the different effects that different strains of cannabis have are largely due to these terpenes and their interactions with each other. One terpene in particular, myrcene, can greatly influence a marijuana high. The makers of TokeSmart found the highest concentrations of myrcene in nature and use these as the ingredients for TokeSmart.

What Does Myrcene Do?

When marijuana is smoked the array of chemicals enter the lungs and are quickly passed into the blood stream. From there, some of are absorbed by receptors in the stomach, spine and brain. Myrcene increases the amount that these receptors can absorb. TokeSmart will not increase the amount of THC or CBDs that gets into your body; it just allows your body to use more of them.

What About The Other Terpenes?

TokeSmart also contains other terpenes that can influence your high – specifically limonene, terpineol, and linolool. When these different terpenes are ingested, they essentially stick together and facilitate each other’s absorption. Think of your receptors as filters that only allow certain types of particles in at certain amounts, what is referred to as its permeability. When multiple terpenes are stuck together, both can pass through the filter at once. One terpene, limonene, works like myrcene and actually increases the permeability of the receptor itself. The next, terpineol, is thought to be the source of the “couch-lock” effect common to indica strains. Finally, linolool can be relaxing, like terpineol, but has the added benefit of anti-anxiety effects, helping prevent the occasional paranoia that can plague medical marijuana patients.